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Schnufka's Bakers:

a little recipe book of Nordic and Celtic family memories



The idea for Schnufka’s Bakers (Shh-nuff-ka’s Bakers) came about while sewing together various patchwork pieces of life – consideration of a possible retirement enterprise, remembering “Schnufka,” who was a character in a child’s story, Swedish and Celtic family traditions, a love of baking, and living through the Covid 19 pandemic.


During the long, dark days of winter 2020-2021, there was time to think back about earlier days, gathering together with friends and family members, enjoying their warm company along with some of their extra special home-baked confections. And all of their recipes found their way to an antique recipe box!


During the winter’s imposed isolation, I baked and dropped off some of these confections for friends and family, just to make a personal connection. And now, while there isn’t an actual bakery, I’d like to continue sharing these treats through this little recipe book! 


An 8” by 10” softcover book as well as a downloadable PDF of the book (for use on a tablet, or printed out to put in a loose-leaf notebook) are available.




Christina Nordstrom

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