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Lyrics & Prose



I like to paint musical pictures of what I hear or see in my mind’s eye to tell a story or share a special inspired message. Often my songs share a walk in “someone else’s moccasins” to try to uncover and present a different point of view. I include such themes as social justice, peace-making, finding one’s place in the world, the joys [and challenges] of parenting, the lighter side of aging, and exploring spiritual connections. I’ve enjoyed performing original contemporary and traditional folk music for intergenerational audiences for over 30 years, both as a solo artist and with the folk group, Earth Harmony. 


A veteran journalist friend once instructed, simply, that “writing is just thinking!” That wisdom influenced the writing of Park Street Angels – a Chronicle of Hope, where I documented what I saw and heard, what I thought and realized as I commuted to work every day from the suburbs to Boston, encountering a homeless stranger who would help me understand the experiences that shaped his life and that would change mine forever. That wisdom, together with a lot of research and collaboration with former work colleagues, also influenced my work writing grants and developing health education programs in my career as a public health program director. 

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