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Music from Christina                                                     Nordstrom

Singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar player, Christina Nordstrom writes songs that include such themes as social justice, peace-making, finding one’s place in the world, the joys [and challenges] of parenting, the lighter side of aging, and exploring spiritual connections. Beginning as a solo artist and then as a member of the folk group, Earth Harmony, she has performed original contemporary and traditional folk music for intergenerational audiences for over 30 years.

In addition to three solo albums (Songs for the Journey Home, Kids’ Songs a la carte, and North Stream) this collection includes two projects and a single recorded by Earth Harmony: Field Work (Christina Nordstrom, Ted Mello, Michelle Glidden), Earth Harmony Sampler (Christina Nordstrom, Ted Mello, Ric Bailey), and Rock, Paper, Scissors (Christina Nordstrom, Ric Bailey, Michelle Glidden, Bruce Joy).

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