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Angel from El Salvador – an interview with Dr. Vicky Guzmán

Since 1972, Dra. Eduvigis Guzmán de Luna, founder and director of the Salvadoran Association for Rural Health (or ASAPROSAR, its Spanish acronym), has dedicated her life to providing and teaching health care and community health education to the campesinos living in El Salvador.  She successfully “opened a road for health care for the poor” and created a model system for caring for the marginalized in one of the poorest countries in Central America. “Dr. Vicky,” as she is known, demonstrated that, given a few facts and a little encouragement, people have an inherent ability to create solutions to their common problems. Edited by Christina Nordstrom, Part I is a transcription of an interview with Dr. Vicky while she was attending the 1995 United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing as a delegate. Part II is Christina’s journal of her work-study trips to learn about ASAPROSAR, highlighting the programs Dr. Vicky created to promote the health and well-being of the campesinos living in the mountains of western El Salvador.

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