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Pebbles in the Stream – A Poetic Celebration of Life

This collection of 34 original poems and accompanying artwork resulted from the Sandwich Arts Alliance “Poem-athon,” a unique fundraiser to benefit the Sandwich Food Pantry held during Poetry Month in April 2020. The all-volunteer project began when local food pantries were being emptied as the coronavirus swept through Cape Cod. In exchange for a donation made directly to the food pantry, Arts Alliance writers and a few friends offered to write a poem for whatever purpose the donor specified (a birthday, graduation, a second marriage, or the loss of a pet or friend). Book sales will continue to benefit the Sandwich Food Pantry and the Sandwich Arts Alliance.


This collaborative project of the Literary Arts group of the Sandwich Arts Alliance was coordinated by Christie Lowrance, edited by Christina Nordstrom, with art and design produced by Jana Dillon and Carolyn LeComte.

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