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About Songs for the Journey Home

I’ve used the theme of “finding home” in many of my songs. Over the years, I became aware that there was a subtext in this theme that addressed my own experience as a child in not being allowed, not being encouraged to be my authentic self – not listen to or use my own “inner voice,” not express my own thoughts (“Don’t talk, don’t tell, don’t feel…”). Children were to be seen and not heard after all. But later, as an adult, in doing some get-to-know-and-love-your-inner-child work, I found a way to uncover and share some insights through my songs. An album for adult children, Songs for the Journey Home is my first effort.

1. Thank You for the Blessings

2. Rebirth

3. Sanctuary

4. A Moment in Time 

5. Vision Quest

6. In Search of Pan

7. Catch Your Dream

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